Juggling with passion

Wow … 😯  it has been a year since the last time I posted on this blog. As I mentioned in my introduction post, I am not the kind of person to focus on one thing for the full 100%. I have a couple of things I’m passionate about in life, but I’m not able nor willing to give one up. In a perfect world I would be the best and most productive photographer on the planet. At the same time I also would be a guitarlegend, the best in my job as a psychologist, the best father on the globe, a great athlete and a perfect husband. Unfortunately the world isn’t perfect and in real life i’m none of all that. I try my best not to suck at any of it though, and I hope I’m succeeding in just that.

Usually there is one passion that has the upper hand in my life and often it stays dominant for a while, ranging from months to even years sometimes. But eventually I tend to shift focus between the passions in my life, never fully abandoning any of them. As I mentioned before, at the time our first child was born I got into photography and it kept me busy for a couple of years. I started this blog to keep it alive … but this past year I reconnected with an old love, my guitar. I really enjoy playing it again on a regular basis, and I finally got that amp that I had been dreaming of for years. But in the meanwhile this blog got neglected a bit, no photography projects that I felt were worth sharing here. But here I am again, posting for you all to read, letting you all know I’m still around. I hope to be able to come around more often, but we will see. I see way to many people struggling and suffering under the pressure of trying to juggle way to many things at a time. I’m not the best juggler, but then again, it is not my ambition to be a juggler.


So, at last some visuals. Here’s our youngest, enjoying some nice weather finally (winter just kept coming at us this year). I still try to document our everyday life and preserve some precious memories in doing so. I choose this shot to share because, to me, it has that summer feel all over it and I’m longing for that summer to come. I hope we get lots of it, and I wish you all the same.




Available light portrait

Hello there!! The last few weeks have been pretty busy and I haven’t found much time to cultivate my online presence (sounds fancy, no? :-D). Because it has been a while since my last post I figured it was time to share some imagery again. Well, just one image actually.

Some posts ago I mentioned my photography-training being all about portraiture for the moment, and the above shot was taken for the sake of an assignment we got. We had to shoot indoors, with only a window as a lightsource, and produce a series of images with various lighting (as in frontal, sideways and backlit).

My lovely wife helped me out on this one by being a very patient model. Muchas gracias to you mylady!! She is a very creative person herself actually, making her way into the scrapbooking/cardmaking world out there. She has been sharing her creations on her own blog for over two years now and not without succes. She recently got selected as designteam-member for two different, rather important companies in the bussiness. Me proud!! The pictures on her blog, of course, are all done by yours truly. Hope I can contribute a little bit by doing so.