During the photography course that I’m attending we had to go out and search for monochromatic scenery to shoot. It’s probably one of those ‘standard’ assignments and I believe there’s a very good reason for that. It is just a hell of a good exercise to train your eye and learn to watch beyond the obvious subject in front of you.

These two images already date from last year, but I still like them a lot so why not share them here. They were both taken at totally different places, but share the same kind of gradient that I particularly like. The first was taken in what remains of an old and abandoned factoryhall in my hometown (of which you see a wider view in my blog-header).

The second one was actually taken at my former high-school. A lot has changed since my time there, and I hold a lot of memories of the scene above. But, as you can see, that part of the school isn’t used anymore. Usually the place is locked for safety-reasons, but as I was walking by I saw that there was an open gate, so I slipped in and framed a couple of shots. As you can imagine it was quite a trip down Memory Lane.