Available light portrait

Hello there!! The last few weeks have been pretty busy and I haven’t found much time to cultivate my online presence (sounds fancy, no? :-D). Because it has been a while since my last post I figured it was time to share some imagery again. Well, just one image actually.

Some posts ago I mentioned my photography-training being all about portraiture for the moment, and the above shot was taken for the sake of an assignment we got. We had to shoot indoors, with only a window as a lightsource, and produce a series of images with various lighting (as in frontal, sideways and backlit).

My lovely wife helped me out on this one by being a very patient model. Muchas gracias to you mylady!! She is a very creative person herself actually, making her way into the scrapbooking/cardmaking world out there. She has been sharing her creations on her own blog for over two years now and not without succes. She recently got selected as designteam-member for two different, rather important companies in the bussiness. Me proud!! The pictures on her blog, of course, are all done by yours truly. Hope I can contribute a little bit by doing so.