Toilets a go-go

Another one of those fine assignments we get on our plate at the photography course: go out and shoot ‘public toilets’!!

I must admit that at first I wasn’t really shure that this was going to be my cup of tea. As expected it turned out to be quite a challenge. First of all it is not that easy to make an interesting shot of, …, well, … a toilet, but also in most cities they nearly all look the same.

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed this assignment and I’m happy with the shots that came out. Point of the story: get out of your comfort zone, shoot unusual things, … Some great pictures might come out of it. And if nothing comes out at all, you’ll probably have  learned a lesson or two. I know I did.




4 thoughts on “Toilets a go-go

  1. Sebastiaan,
    Felicitaties met je blog. Het draagt duidelijk je stempel. Zeer verzorgd en mooie opnames. Een blog die uitnodigt om regelmatig een kijkje op te nemen. Zeker nu ik je de volgende module moet missen aangezien je voor “portret” opteerde en ik “fotoanalyse” volg.
    Groetjes, Robert

  2. Welcome in the blog world, Sebastiaan! Beautiful lay-out, good start. Just like Robert, I’m happy that I will see your future photos here, as this won’t be possible anymore during our classes.
    Wishing you a lot of visitors,

  3. Thanks to all for your kind words. As a starting blogger I sincerely appreciate the feedback and knowing somebody out there is actually viewing/reading the things that I put up here. Greetingz,


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